Peter and Beryl Shore

Nepal Clinic Challenge 1997.
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In 1987, Peter and Beryl Shore were backpacking through India and Nepal. During their travels to attend Nepal’s first International Scout Jamboree in Kathmandu they took the opportunity to break off to visit the renowned Chitwan National Park. They inadvertently took the wrong track and ended up the wrong side of the impassible Rapti River, near the small village of Meghauli. So with dusk falling, they decided to camp overnight. A small local boy; called Hari who had 'tagged along' (out of curiosity to this odd English couple) knew enough English to persuade them otherwise. Emphasizing the danger of the indigenous Rhinoceroses, Elephants and Tigers! He invited them to stay with him at his family home.

After feeding them and giving them safe, comfortable overnight sleeping quarters Hari put them on the right bus for their eventual destination. Peter naturally put his hand in his pocket to find cash to pay for his kindness and hospitality, but was politely but firmly stopped by Hari. Pointing to the worldwide Scout badge on Peter’s rucksack he said “Scout?” and on being answered “yes”, Hari then exclaimed that he too was a Scout – a school scout and was only keeping his Promise - “to help other people!" But – he did add – “please write to me”.

So for the next 10 years they wrote to each other with Peter noting Hari’s obvious love for his fellow man,encouraging him to improve his education and English. Eventually in 1996 he wrote to say that as bothhis parents were ill, he would have to return to his home to help the family. With the nearest medical center over an hour away and the treatment would have to be paid for, Hari had a dream and that was to provide his village with a free medical center.

Could Peter and his family help?

Immediately Peter and Beryl contacted one of their sons Kevin (a Petty Officer Medical Assistant in the Royal Navy and a Group Scout Leader) and asked for his advice. Kevin replied "As Hari helped you both in your hour of need, how can I refuse to help him, in his?” So the whole Shore family pledged their support and on the 4th March 1997, Peter, Kevin and Hari laid the foundation stone of The Friendship Clinic.